Kodak stock news now

The company argued that the chemicals used in its photography busines could have potential uses as active pharmaceutical ingredients API. However, this time, the deal has been plagued by allegations of misconduct, leading the Trump administration to halt the loan payment until further notice.

If investors are buying shares of Kodak thinking the deal will continue, they may be out of luck. Here's why. This sketchy behavior has led to multiple allegations of insider trading.

On Sept. But investors tempted to buy shares on this news should be very aware of a potential conflict of interest -- after all, the company hired the team of detectives that reached this conclusion.

Indeed, the Securities and Exchange Commission's external investigation into the circumstances surrounding Kodak executives' trades is still ongoing. There are ample reasons for so much scrutiny. Every day, coverage of the COVID pandemic is probably the first thing people see when they read or watch the news, and Kodak is no stranger to trying to capitalize on publicity.

Why Kodak Stock Soared Today

During the peak of the cryptocurrency bubble inthe company's management announced it would be conducting an initial coin offering ICO of its KODAKOne coin, which was supposed to help photographers store their images and manage intellectual property rights.

The project never took off. As of Septemberthere is still no news of the coin's ICO. The widespread use of smartphone cameras, coupled with travel restrictions caused by COVID, have dealt a severe blow to Kodak's growth potential.

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In such a scenario, if Kodak finds it cannot turn a profit after hefty investments in manufacturing equipment, it will be in serious trouble. Therefore, investors looking at pharmaceutical stocks should consider other options with far fewer risks than Kodak. Investing Best Accounts.

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kodak stock news now

Who Is the Motley Fool?This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Eastman Kodak shares are enjoying a renaissance. Fresh capital and a new business are the reasons. The question for investors now is how high can shares go? There are no analysts covering the company and no target prices to help investors. Kodak ticker: KODKhas been and is in the imaging business.

Valuing a huge new business is hard for any investor evaluating a company. The stock has traded for about 0. The old highs have already been eclipsed. Is the stock too high? Generic-drug makers trade for roughly 1. And investors need to add in coming debt when valuing the entire enterprise. There is just no great way to know where the stock can go this early in its transformation. The move does make some sense. The loan, in one fashion, more than doubles the size of the company overnight.

Kodak was the most-popular stock on Robintrack on Tuesday, a website that tracks changes in Robinhood stock-trading accounts. More than 25, accounts added positions. General Electric GE was the second most-popular stock, with about 9, new positions initiated. Over the past 24 hours, more than 82, new Kodak positions have been initiated by Robinhood users.

kodak stock news now

More buying than selling is the technical reason any stock rises. The amount of buying helps explain how much a stock is rising. Its shares rose 2. Investors, however, should prepare for volatility. Early Wednesday, trading in Kodak shares was halted because of volatility but resumed after about 5 minutes. It was just a chance for investors to catch their breath. Write to Al Root at allen. Distribution and use of this material are governed by our Subscriber Agreement and by copyright law.According to data from FactSet, trading activity in Eastman Kodak picked up in the days before the big announcement.

To make matters worse, Kodak has a long track record of incompetent leadership, and it lacks the financial health to execute its new strategy. This share price level vastly exceeds any realistic valuation for the new revenue opportunity.

Investors should sell Kodak stock before shares crash back down to earth.

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Learn more. Load video. Always unblock YouTube. The demise of Eastman Kodak highlights the dangers of shortsighted and, frankly, stupid leadership. Kodak fell from blue-chip status to bankruptcy court because of the digital camera — a product it invented but failed to capitalize on because of its much lower margins compared to photo film. Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in and exited the camera market. Almost a decade later, the company is still in flux, pivoting from one harebrained idea to another as it seeks to reinvent itself.

The concept received widespread derision for being unprofitable for miners, and it was eventually shelved after the price of Bitcoin fell in Two years later, Kodak wants to move into pharmaceutical manufacturing. On paper, the company looks ready to execute its new strategy because of its large manufacturing footprint.

According to CNBCKodak has 16 million square feet of manufacturing capacity, including 88 reactors and a water treatment facility. The firm will struggle to survive without continued government support or massive equity dilution. In its annual reportKodak highlighted substantial doubts about its ability to continue as a going concern. This company is plagued by titanic losses from operations and negative cash flow. The situation has all the hallmarks of a pump and dump, and the CEO himself might face scrutiny over his accumulation of shares before news of the loan went public.

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kodak stock news now

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Here’s Why You Need to Dump Your Kodak Stock Immediately

Dow Jones, a News Corp company.All rights reserved. Charles St, Baltimore, MD And its obsession with entering the low-profit generic drug market promises more of the same. When I consider high-tech companies, I look for cutting-edge technology. Under his watch as chairman and later CEOthe film company has generated a negative aggregate profit since Its return on invested capital ROIC in stood at negative 8. Shares immediately skyrocketed, but then wobbled after accusations of insider trading.

Assuming Kodak does get the loan, what will they do with it? With a DFC loan, Kodak will stumble into yet another dud: generic drug components. The Trump administration, however, is tasking Kodak with something even worse: pharmaceutical components. Not the drugs themselves, but the lower-value chemicals that go into making the finished product.

These components, known as active pharmaceutical ingredients APIsare already manufactured in the U. Technically, much of it gets made in Puerto Rico. In a FDA report, researchers found that the U. But would providing a loan to Kodak solve the problem? Probably not. Unless the government also adds subsidies for American APIs or tariffs on Chinese ones, the market will remain just as competitive.

And what if the U.

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Kodak will suddenly find itself competing against experience drug-makers like Teva. Investors should remember that the DFC loan is just that: a loan.But while Kodak looks red hot, investors should think twice about hopping on board.

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The company still faces an ongoing SEC probe into potential wrongdoing, and its poor operating results leave little to fall back on if the deal falls through. On Sept. Among other issues, the probe focused on whether CEO Jim Contineza engaged in insider trading by purchasing Kodak shares in June, as well as the legality of Kodak's decision to award stock options to Contineza and other executives on July Akin Gump concluded that Kodak's management and directors did not violate securities regulations or company policy on a variety of issues, including the June purchases by Contineza.

But there could be a conflict of interest here, because the law firm itself was hired by Kodak's board to conduct the probe. The ongoing SEC investigation will offer a more conclusive picture of whether Kodak broke the law in its handling of the loan announcement, which means the deal could still fall through. We will not proceed any further unless these allegations are cleared. The future of Kodak's pharmaceutical expansion is uncertain, so investors should take a close look at its core operations which include digital and traditional printingbecause only they will remain if the company's pivot to drugmaking fails.

I n its annual report, Kodak revealed substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern because of cash flow challenges and declining sales in its printing segment. And while management is blaming some of this decline on the coronavirus recession, it is part of a longer-term trend that has seen Kodak's revenue fall by an average of 9.

Despite the market's revived optimism about Kodak's big deal to shift toward pharmaceutical manufacturinginvestors should remain skeptical. The SEC investigation into Kodak and its management is still ongoing, and the company's printing business is in rough shape amid persistent revenue declines. Kodak could easily return to penny stock status because of these challenges. Investing Best Accounts.

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Kodak Stock - Why Buy or Sell? [Hot Stock News]

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Is Eastman Kodak Stock a Buy?

Planning for Retirement. Retired: What Now? Personal Finance. The Ascent. About Us. Who Is the Motley Fool? Fool Podcasts. New Ventures. Search Search:. Will Ebiefung TMFwillebbs. Sep 22, at AM.However, some of the stock's gains came the day before the award was announced, and lawmakers demanded there be an investigation into potential insider trading and other possible wrongdoings.

In response to these demands, Kodak formed a special committee to investigate possible insider trading on the part of its CEO and other executives prior to the formal announcement of the loan award. On Tuesday, the law firm released an page report stating its conclusion that the company's leadership team "did not violate the securities regulations or other relevant laws, engage in a breach of fiduciary duty, or violate any of Kodak's internal policies and procedures.

It's important to note that while Kodak's investigation did not uncover any illegal activity, the U. International Development Finance Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission are both reportedly conducting their own investigations into Kodak's loan-related activities.

Thus, the situation is far from resolved, and investors may be acting prematurely by bidding up Kodak's shares before those government entities have concluded their probes.

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Personal Finance. The Ascent. About Us. Who Is the Motley Fool? Fool Podcasts. New Ventures. Search Search:. Sep 17, at PM. He battle-tested his investment philosophy and strategies as portfolio manager of Tier 1, a market-crushing Motley Fool real-money portfolio that delivered Follow Tier1Investor. Eastman Kodak's shares rose sharply on Thursday. Image source: Getty Images. Stock Advisor launched in February of Join Stock Advisor. Related Articles.


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